Dipl. Ing. Architekt A. Lust

 Excerpt of Projects performed since 1984

Projects - Specifications

Rehabilitation Family Housing, Langen
21-Family House, Maintal
Apartment and Office Bldg., Leipzig
Business and Office Bldg., Leipzig
VDO, Building B20, Babenhausen
Apartment Bldg., 35 Dwelling Units, Offenbach
Upgrading + Expansion Deutsche Bank, Munich
Office Bldg. Gesipa, Mörfelden
Apartment Complex, 220 DU's and Industrial Areas, Mönchengladbach-Rheydt
Park Residence + Hotel Kempinski, Falkenstein

Projects - Construction Supervision

Mail Distribution Center 53, Bonn-Troisdorf
Parking Garage, Bad Kreuznach
Equipment Center, Fire Dept., Zwingenberg
12-Family Dwelling, Roßdorf
Courthouse Bldg., Constr. Part E, Frankfurt/M.
Mania - Provision of 50 shoe stores in Southern and Western Germany

Consulting/Supporting Engeneering Design Work

Admin. Center S-Finanzgruppe, Erfurt
Palaise on Lenbachplatz, Munich (former Palace)
BGW Data-Center, Frankfurt/M. NN "Junghof", Reconstruction, Frankfurt/M.

Final Design, Work Specifications, Contract Award and Project Supervision

Finishing of Multifunctional Lab Bldg.
Rehabilitaion Bldg H 821
Rehabilitation Animal House w/ Addition Bldg. H 822/ H 826

Project- Costcontrolling

Old Forrest-Swimmingpool-Restaurant, Neu-Isenburg
Reshaping Rosenauplatz, Neu-Isenburg
Extension Frankfurter Strasse, Neu-Isenburg
"House zum Loewen" - Museum-dilatation, Neu-Isenburg

Projects - Master Planning

"Villa Palladio", Darmstadt
Expansion House, Traisa
Expansion House, Griesheim
Expansion House, Darmstadt
Remodeling Practice, Darmstadt
Addition/Remodeling House, Darmstadt
Expansion House Schiebelhuthweg, Darmstadt

Awards and Accolades

Exemplary construction in Hessen 2005
Award Office-Building "Junghof" Junghofstr., Frankfurt
Award Elementary school Eschbach-Valley, Bad Homburg


Office Construction, Griesheim-Darmstadt
Hotelresearch at the Caspian Sea, Kazakhstan
International Airport Budapest-Ferihegy/ Ungarn
Burgas International Airport Bulgarien
Varna International Airport Bulgarien

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