Dipl. Ing. Architekt A. Lust

 Service Profile


We offer competent consultation concerning all building aspects and consequent realization of your ideas, as far as possible.

 Energy counselling

We welcome you with the execution of an energy document of identification, an energy passport or a BAFA place discussion.


Your wishes and the possibilities will be discussed with you, with the best solution for the realization of a feasible design in mind. This we will apply throughout all phases - from the concept design through to the final design of the construction project.


The trade work required for the project will be specified according to the latest technical standards. The most competent and least expensive firms will be selected from the various bids submitted.

 Construction Supervision

We provide coordination and supervision of all construction work and ensure construction progress according to all required construction schedules and progress charts.


Development of construction measures, beginning with the idea, up to the selection of all participating expert engineers, consideration of cost and time frames, until completion of the project.


Konsequentes Kostencontrolling in allen Leistungsphasen, Termin- und Ablaufkontrolle mit Ermittlung von kritischen Abläufen bei gleichzeitiger Erarbeitung von Lösungsvorschlägen. Aufstellen und Prüfen von Terminplänen.


Efficient cost, time and progress controls as well as detection of critical situations and coming up with suggestions for a solution.


Building expert Herr Schaich (TUEV)

 Further education with certificate A. Lust:

Seminar "EnEV 2004 in der Praxis anwenden" (Akademie der AKH, Hessen)
Seminar "Trends in der Gastronomieplanung" (Akademie der AKH, Hessen)
Seminar "Der Energiepass" (Umweltinstitut Offenbach)
Seminar "Neue Regeln für Flachdächer anhand von Praxisbeispielen"
(Akademie der AKH, Hessen)
Seminar "EnEV 2007 und Energieausweis - Energetische Anforderungen an Alt- und Neubau" (Akademie der AHK, Hessen), Nov. 2006
Weiterbildung "Modul 1: Bauvertragsrecht" (Institut für Rechtswissenschaften, Darmstadt), Febr. 2007
Seminar "Grobdiagnose im Bestand - Doe Diligence" (Akademie der AHK, Hessen), März 2007
Seminar "Energieberater Professional II" (Hottgenroth Software), Mai 2008
Seminar "Der Energieausweis für Nichtwohngebäude" (Umweltinstitut Offenbach GmbH), Mai 2008
Seminar "Energieeffizienz im öffentlichen Wohnungsunternehmen, Instrumente für das wohnungspolitische Portfolio-Management" (Institut Wohnen und Umwelt GmbH, Darmstadt), Oktober 2008
Seminar "4. Vergabetag in Hessen - öffentliches Vergaberecht in der Praxis" (Akademie der AKH, Hessen), Januar 2009
Diskussionsforum "Ornament als Versprechen" (AIT. Die Zeitschrift für Architektur), Januar 2009

 Other Services for Investors/Builders as Partial Services

These consist of examination and comparison of bids, site surveys, cost estimates, reports on building conditions, construction inspections, checking of invoices, site analyses.

 Individual Service and Professional Project Management are Our Specialties!

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